Wednesday, 31 August 2016


I did have some plans to actually paint instead of doodle but those noble plans were thwarted by a migraine. I still spent a good several hours on this stuff (since I dropped some ideas I was working on) listening to podcasts. Starting from tomorrow I'll focus at least 2 hours on anatomy every day.

I'll go sleep now. Happy upcoming September.


Summer 2016

So I'm actually caught up after this post, as today is the last day of August! I'll start my Master's thesis in the coming school year, so I've implemented a little calendar to keep me practicing every day, even if I have a lot of work. 

The purpose of this blog is a bit of an archive of my progress, I used facebook for that so far but... after taking a break from it for a week I've realized aside from the Draw or Die group it's not really great for creativity. But I won't go on a tangent here. Enjoy!

I also tried 3D modelling... Terrifying

Two studies of Horley's Deathwing art, it's dang good

My entry for the Lichman challenge, they haven't judged it yet ;-;

There might be some .psd files containing more sketches that I've never converted to .pngs and can't really preview without opening, and titled them "Untitled-1" because I'm an idiot, but if I find some stuff I'll edit the posts!

But for now I guess... let the art habit begin!

First half of 2016 (until the start of summer)

Process gif!

This is also around the time I joined Crimson Daggers!

A fun spitpaint I did, the Arcane Dickpic! I think the topic was like "magic gone wrong" or something

I still have to fix the chin